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Color Picker

A new set of classes has been added April 2008 to provide a consistent color picker dialog across all platforms. This work is part of the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NAMIC), funded by the National Institutes of Health through the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research, Grant U54 EB005149.

The new color picker

The new color picker provides interactive RGB and HSV sliders, a color spectrum area and various other means to select or enter color coordinates. It features a set of basic colors, a color preset editor that can be used store a list of persistent custom/favorite colors, and a history of "recently picked" colors. It can either be invoked as a standalone dialog, or embedded in any other UI.

The new Color Picker dialog

The old color pickers

For reference, here are the old Tcl/Tk color picker dialogs. On Unix:

The old Tcl/Tk Color Picker dialog (Unix)

On Win32:

The old Tcl/Tk Color Picker dialog (Win32)

Helper Classes

Several new helper classes were created to assemble the color picker dialog. Each one of them can be used separately if needed. The diagram above provides an overview of said assembly:

Some other classes were affected:

The new Color Picker dialog and helper classes

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