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Initial Project Plan

This diagram shows the initial project plan as submitted at the end of the second week of the project (as outlined in project specifications).

Project plan

Plan Details:

Research There are two sections to research - widgets and tests.

In order to find out what to add to vtk, a study of current 3D design software needs to be undertaken. This involves selecting a few applications to try out then comparing what tools/widgets they contain with those available in vtk.

Then, each new widget will need its own test code as exists for all other widgets.

Development Taking results from the reasearch, new widgets and tests are to be developed.

Documentation A continuous process of keeping a development diary (journal) and this Wiki up-to-date, also to write up the final report and prepare for a presentation of the project.


Due to getting the 3D construction software later than anticipated, I swapped the studies for medical and construction.

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