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Project Week 2

March 14:

Initial Wiki updates.
Started to get the idea of using the Wiki.
Installed vtk 5.0 and CMake 2.2 ready to try out example code.
Received guide link from Juan Carlos - now I can put links in!

March 15:

Downloaded examples and vtk source code.
Following "how to compile" instructions, find I can't compile with minGW.

March 17:

Started download MS Visual C++ 2005 - MSDN Student.

Project Week 3

March 20:

Installed MSVC and retry.
No luck, seems to be conflicts with DevCpp.
Next step, try clean install of compilers required.
Will also try to install on Suse 10 and confer with UIDesigner project on their Linux installation.

March 21:

Installed CMake 2.2 and Vtk 5.0 on Suse 10 system.
Managed to follow the CMake build instructions and test Cone example.
Status - working on Linux.
  • To be updated - method of installation.

March 22:

Retried installation on Windows XP.
Installed programs :
  • to be updated
Result : CMake still unable to create setup links to compiler.
As it works on Suse Linux, I will continue this project on Suse and try testing with Windows later in the project.

Project Week 4

March 27:

Understanding vtkBoxWidget.
The 3DWidgets project has a part in looking at the reauthoring of this class (amidst others). The first step here is looking at the current class and seeing how the class functions relate to the new architecture.
In order to do this, I have started by looking at the vtkSliderWidget. This widget is shown in the reauthoring demonstration vtk wiki (Wiki/VTKWidgets).
After looking at this class and it's interactions with the vtkAbstractWidget and vtkWidgetRepresentation classes (amidst others) I will then be able to look at restructuring the vtkBoxWidget in a similar manner.

March 28:

Understanding vtkSliderWidget.
I have been looking up on the vtkSliderWidget and its use as discussed above.
Using this knowledge, I have started to create a class diagram to visualise these interactions, and by looking at the class methods used in the relative classes.
alt:vtkSliderWidget Class Diagram

April 2:

Preparation of wiki updates to be changed next week - installation methods.

Project Week 5

April 3:

Comparing vtkSliderWidget and vtkBoxWidget
I have used the knowledge of the new architecture gained by studying the vtkSliderWidget class headers to compare with the 'old' vtkBoxWidget class. I have started to split the methods and attributes of vtkBoxWidget into areas covered by vtkAbstractWidget and vtkWidgetRepresentation for reauthoring vtkBoxWidget.
Also, by looking at other classes deriving from vtkAbstractWidget - for instance vtkDistanceWidget, I have been looking at the event handling methods. Currently (vtkSliderWidget example) event handling methods are set to the main vtkCallbackMapper the main class. Although the vtkDistanceWidget seems to make use of a class vtkDistanceWidgetCallbackMapper (or similar, need to check exact name of the class) for which I did not see documentation of the doxygen pages. Such a use of a preset class for the callback could prove useful, with a derivation possible to personalise callback handling or the default class to keep basic event handles. As I acquire a better understanding of this I intend to send out an 'RFC' for feedback.

April 4:

Re-analysis of callback, follow-up from W. Schroeder shows I had the CallbackMapper and EventTranslators mixed up as to their use. As per his instructions I will continue using just the 'basic' structure and leave the 'dynamic event translation' possibility.

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