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Project Week 9

May 3


Project Week 10

May 8

Documentation, commenced project report.

May 9

Documentation, continued work on project report.

May 10

Documentation, continued work on project report whilst awaiting current code update.

Project Week 11

May 15

Documentation, continued work on project report, forwarded to project professor for comments.

May 16

Started checking up on SLICER for widget comparison.

May 17

Furthered research and project report. Adjusted formatting and checked for errors.

Project Week 12

May 20

Plan to update Wiki - make journal more readable, adjust widgets section to display work done and how to use the widgets, SLICER(?).
This week, I must also check through widgets code to make sure they are compliant with VTK coding standards and provide information on methods and attributes of the classes.

May 21

Contined Wiki plan, and commenced updating.
New layout shows more links in introductory page to "How To" sections, work journal layout to be redone to be more readable, widgets section split into analysis section and widget section also linking to "How To" section.

May 22

Received feedback on the Box Widget and implemented changes to make the widget conform to separation of event handler (vtkBoxWidget) and the widget representation (vtkBoxRepresentation) such that the event triggers in vtkBoxWidget call methods in the representation and no longer refer to parts of the representation itself.

Project Week 13

May 29

Continued implementation of Wiki updates.
Adjustment of class diagrams to better reflect the event-representation separation.

May 30

Looking at the progression of the project, it is evident that the goal of creating new widgets is not be feasible given the time constraint.
In light of this, the final dazs of the project will be used to focus on tidying the code of re-factored widgets and completing the documentation (report and Wiki).

May 31

Planning offline record of wiki and email journal.
Added explanations of work and widgets to report.

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