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Project Week 5

April 5:

First re-authoring of vtkBoxWidget, classes vtkBoxWidget, vtkBoxRepresentation, vtkBoxRepresentation3D following the example of vbtkSliderWidget.

Project Week 6

April 10-17'

Vacation week
OK, supposedly vacation but I have reformatted and reinstalled a computer at home to try and get cmake and vtk up and running on Windows.
Windows XP Pro SP2
CMake 2.2
VTK 5.0
MS Visual Studio 8

Project Week 7

April 18

Analysis of vtkBoxWidget events.

April 19

Finishing base classes for vtkBoxWidget.
Next step is to edit the example code to make sure it is compatible and test the code to make sure that the new code is compilable and executable ready for sending to others for comments.

April 22

Updating Wiki to show how I have studied the architectural changes and new class files.
This should be completed this weekend ready to ask for comments next week.

Project Week 8

April 24

Complete first run of vtkBoxWidget.
Debugging vtkBoxWidget (new). Current problem segmentation fault on run (compile OK on Linux).

April 25

Debugging vtkBoxWidget continued.
Test - comment all vtkBoxWidget/Representation references and re-add each time.

April 26

Tests complete - current finding "static vtkBoxRepresentation *vtkBoxRepresentation::New()" may not return object correctly.
Need to check other objects code to compare and rerun.
I can create the representation from the widget using GetRepresentation() but trying to access the representation causes an error - thus seeming to be a pointer error trying to access a non-instatiated object.

Project Week 9

May 1

Using current work, start reauthoring other 3DWidgets.
  • ImageTracer
  • Line
  • Point
  • PolyDataSource
  • Sphere
  • Spline

May 2

Continue reauthoring of 3DWidgets.

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