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The main goal is to design and implement an interactive user interface builder to generate GUI code based on KWWidgets.

The end user will be able to design a user interface graphically, in what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSYWYG) mode, and save it to a XML file. One will have the ability to load this XML file for modification or directly generate KWWidgets code from it.

Existing GUI designer toos, like Glade, Qt-Designer, Visual Studio and others, will be analyzed and compared in order to integrate the best aspects of these tools in the resulting software application


Get familiar with the wiki, design a documentation structure and start populating the pages with preliminary information.

Make a provisional project plan within the first two weeks.

Get familiar with KWWidgets

Write specifications for the project and split it into its main tasks

Design, implement and test.

The Application

Follow this link to know more about the 'beast'

Work Journal

This section just summarizes various important events in the project's advacement, like decision on the application's architecture, encountered errors, and the alike. To view all the steps followed for this project take a look here.
Install+config of a Linux-based workstation => Ubuntu 5.10 with gcc4.0, tcl/tk8.4, libxml2

Error messages "OPENGL_INCLUDE_DIR (ADVANCED)" and "OPENGL_gl_LIBRARY (ADVANCED)" are required variables and they are not found ...more info...

Redaction of the first version of the project plan

CMake wasn't able to find the '' ...more info...
CMake wasn't able to find the '' ...more info...

Wiki pages' arborescence was created and content uploaded

First basic preliminary use-case diagram
First version of the criteria list for the comparison study of some existing UI designers ...more info...

Started the comparison study of some existing UI designers. Started off by studying Glade

Continue the comparison study by reviewing Qt Designer ...more info...

Continue the comparison study by reviewing Visual Studio

Continue the comparison study by reviewing NetBeans

Wrapped up the comparison study by summarizing features wanted/needed in KWWidgets UI Designer

Started to study the KWWidgets API

Undertook a 'mini' study to define which graphical tool-kit to use for designing and implementing the application's main frame-work.

Uploaded a second version of the use-case diagram reflecting the summary of features obtained from the comparison study.
Uploaded a first "raw" layout proposal of the application.

Uploaded a third version of the use-case diagram reflecting remarks and reflections of the KWWidgets team. The availability of the use-cases is defined as present in either the early or the advanced stages of development.

Uploaded a time-line for the project's specifications and tasks, prioritized by Sebastien Barre, that *should* be implemented by the end of my project's duration.
Uploaded a mock-up, proposed by Sebastien Barre, of the final layout of the application.

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