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Behold the beast

This is the place where you can get all the information about KWWidgets UI-Designer. This is just a portal to more detailed pages

Main features

A preliminary brief study was undertook to decide which graphical user tool-kit which be the best one to develop 'KWWidgets UI-Designer'’s main frame-work. Read the results of that study here.

TODO List features like WYSYWG, export/"import" of XML files, editing modes, supported platforms, dependent software/libraries

Previous Works

In order to incorporate and provide only well-designed features into KWWidgets UI-Designer, a comparison study between existing UI designers was done. Follow this link to find the conclusions of this study as well as the criteria list the study was based upon.

Implemented Widgets

TODO List the widgets implemented


TODO Link screenshot of different features under different platforms


TODO show available sources, binaries, self-contained packages

Applications Developped Using KWWidgets UI-Desiger

TODO list all applications, the more the better :)

Know Bugs

TOODO List bugs, causes, remedies, ...

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