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Use-Case Diagram

This page list all the different versions of the use-case diagrams for 'KWWidgets UI-Desiginer'.

Version of March the 21rst, 2006

It's just preliminary and pretty basic. It should be --and indeed it was-- subjet of many changes in the future.

Use-case diagram, version of March the 21rst, 2006

Version of April the 24th, 2006

This version reflects the summary of features obtained from the results of the comparison study of existing user interface designers.

Use-case diagram, version of April the 24th, 2006

Version of May the 2nd, 2006

This version revises the version of April the 24th according to the remarks and reflections pointed out by the KWWidgets team. Its main changes are the addition of a new use-case, the consulting of off-line documentation, and the definition of which use-cases will be available only on the early stages of development and which on the advanced stages.

Use-case diagram, version of May the 2nd, 2006

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