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General Information

What is KWWidgets

KWWidgets is a free, cross-platform and open-license GUI Toolkit. It provides low-level core widgets, advanced composite widgets, and high-level visualization-oriented widgets that can be interfaced to visualization libraries like VTK. KWWidgets is an object-oriented C++ toolkit that can interact and co-exist with Tcl/Tk directly from C++. It is wrapped automatically into a Tcl package, and therefore can be used directly from Tcl/Tk also, allowing for fast-prototyping and scripting.

For more information, see

Where can I download KWWidgets?

Is there a roadmap?

I have a question! What should I do?

You can contact Sebastien Barre for questions or feedback. Feel free to add specific inquiries and problems in the discussion section available from each page in this Wiki.

I found a bug! What should I do?

Please report the bug to Sebastien Barre.

Can I contribute code or bug fixes?

We encourage people to contribute bug fixes as well as new contributions to the code. We will try to incorporate these into future releases so that the entire user community will benefit from them.

What's the best way to learn KWWidgets?

Make sure you check the examples page:

Also, feel free to download the distribution, compile the examples and study the source code. The API is documented here: